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Brutal truth on Trubisky through Week 2

Mitch Trubisky. I don’t want to say it’s time to pack it in on the guy and move shop, because it’s not, but he has to be better. Bears fans, It’s understandable to blame the O-line, and the receivers not making catches, but those things happen in football. Let’s not focus on the one catch the guy didn’t make, when Trubisky is second in the league, percentage-wise, on uncatchable passes through two weeks.

It is inexcusable for a third-year QB to be making some of the decisions he has made in the first two weeks of the season; Moving to his right and throwing across his body to the other side of the field can NOT happen. 

I will admit, because of where he was drafted and who he was drafted before the odds are not in his favor. His entire career will forever be compared to Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. They have already proven they are superior talents, but, ultimately, it all depends on who is able to bring home the one trophy that truly matters.

Now that it’s year two under Nagy, there is a need for Trubisky to progress as a Quarterback, and his ability to throw the ball accurately down the field. He is not going to go from the guy he was last year to Peyton Manning in one offseason, we all know that. These types of year-to-year progressions are minimal, yet still noticeable.

Watching a Quarterback progress from season-to-season you’ll see minimal changes, but nonetheless signs of improvement and flashes of maturity. You will get the sense that the game continues to slow down, and his comfortability in the pocket has progressed; He is able to feel the pressure better, knowing when to escape the pocket. Also, the timing between receivers will continue to improve. These were changes Bears fans everywhere started noticing last year as the season went on, that’s where the hopes and expectations for 2019 came into play. But, through the first two weeks of the season, it’s felt much more like a REgression than anything we could have anticipated.

I am not taking away from the play-calling and coaching so far because it has been highly questionable. Nagy’s decision to rest his starters during the preseason seems to be backfiring.

So far Trubisky appears scared, uncomfortable, and unsure of his decision making. Last year he left social media to get away from all the garbage out there online. This year it seems like he hears all of it, and you can tell it’s affecting the way him, and the entire team, are going about their business. The play-calling seems fearful, Nagy appears not to trust Mitch’s arm when making throws more than 10 yards down the field (much like John Fox did).

I’ve said this, and I’ll say it again. I would much rather have Mitch play unafraid of anything, throw 200 interceptions, and lose every single game this year than to continue calling the game in order to prevent exploiting his weaknesses. If I am Matt Nagy and the Bears front-office I’d much rather see this as well because I want to know what I have in him. Good, bad, ugly, or anywhere in between I want to know where my QB stands. 

The Bears might take criticism in the moment, but down the road, you’ll be better off for it. Great organizations aren’t formed by knowing when to keep certain guys, they’re built on knowing when to move off of them. It’s not fair to the defense, the organization, and the fans to continue to experiment with a failed trial. 

By reading this you may think I hate Trubisky, I don’t. I am just one of the critics of his game. Do I think he can win games in the NFL? Yes. Do I think he’ll ever be a true pocket-passer? No, probably not. I know it is still early, obviously, but let’s not pretend like this isn’t year three. It’s time we stop giving Mitch the benefit of the doubt and time to start really picking apart whether or not he is the long-term answer to the problem. 

Will he ever win the Chicago Bears a Super Bowl? Too soon to tell, but you’ll know soon. I am giving him until Week 6. By then we will ALL know whether Tru-BEAR-sky is here to stay. 

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