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Once again, let me try and save the Bears

Where do I even start… What a horrible performance. Top to bottom I really didn’t see one redeeming quality from the game. I guess the fact that they battled back from being down 17-0 is something? But we all expected that and then they blew it in the end. But, Bears fans, don’t worry, once again I am here to save us all and restore the faith.

If you read my last article, you’d know what I wrote about regarding Chase Daniel. If you haven’t, you should, and if you didn’t, I know. For those of you a part in the minority who didn’t read, let me sum it up for you. I told Nagy to keep it simple stupid. Don’t let the fate of the game rest in the hands of your backup quarterback who has started 5 games in 11 years.

So, what did Nagy do? RPOs, lots of shots down the field, and nothing productive in the run

game to help out Chase. All those things mixed with the defense struggling was a recipe for disaster. I can’t say for certain one way or the other whether or not Nagy’s decision to leave on Friday had any impact on the outcome of the game, but the Bears did look sluggish and it could very well have been a cause of that.

It’s a great thing they are on a bye this week, I think everyone just needs a week off from them and a little mental vacation from Bears football.

So, allow me to explain how we are going to patch up this sinking ship. First, we’re going to run the damn ball, and then we’re going to run it again, and hey, guess what, we’ll run it some more. We are going to establish David Montgomery as our lead back, and Tarik Cohen is going to become our specialty back, used in feature packages and even sometimes out of the slot (we’ll also re-teach him how to catch the football). Second, we’re going to keep it simple stupid. Go back to what I said earlier, move the ball with Chase Daniel using the dummy offense. We go back to the basics, like we did with Mitch, where we give him one read and he makes it and delivers the ball where it’s supposed to be. Lastly, we’ll fix the damn O-line, it’s horrible.

After Sunday’s performance, Nagy and the Bears should take a page out of Jon Gruden’s playbook as to how they’re going to win, specifically with Chase Daniel, but also when Mitch returns. Jon Gruden ran the ball all over the Bears' defense and it worked. He challenged the best defense in the league to stop the run and force Derek Carr to have to make plays, and Gruden won that battle.

To me, at times, it feels like Nagy shys away from the run when things aren’t going well. Instead of sticking to it and keeping the defense on their toes, Nagy likes to jump the running ship when things aren’t working. Watch Sean Payton coach a game, they could be down 17 halfway through the third quarter and he’ll still be running the ball because he knows it’s going to allow him to use his offense to its full capacity.

I get the game is changing, and it’s becoming a pass-first league, but it’s still football, and you have to run the ball. The holes will open, you just have to stick to it. It’s tough to run the ball when you’re predictable and the defense stuffs the box. Stick with it, enough with the cutsie deceptive stuff having Tarik run up the middle. It’s not going to work.

The defense played badly, we all know it. Mack was triple-teamed every play and nobody else found ways to get to Derek Carr or stop Josh Jacobs in the backfield. Games like that will happen. Regardless, I still have more confidence than ever in them.

Coming off a bye, we’ll have two weeks to prepare for New Orleans. Mitch should hopefully be back to being healthy, end of October is the start of Bear-weather, and all will be restored in the world.

Coach, please go back to the basics. I think you’re one of the best coaches in the league, but for the love of God … Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

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