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Matt Nagy got what he asked for with Trubisky

After one of the worst Bears losses of recent memory, there’s not much more to be said about what’s wrong with the team. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, it’s not worth repeating.

But just in case you hadn’t heard me say it I’ll give you a friendly reminder. There’s no run game, Mitch looks horrible, Nagy can’t figure out an identity, some of Pace’s bad draft picks are getting exposed, and this team is quickly losing their will to fight.

In Nagy’s press conference this week, yet again, he was wishy-washy on his stance about the offense. He'll say he knows he needs to run the ball more, but when he was asked why he passed the ball 54 times and ran it 7, his response was, that his mission is to get first downs. Whether or not they come from passing or running is of no concern to him.

First of all, Matt Nagy is in no position to be complaining about the status of his offense so far this season. There is one reason why he has this job and somebody else doesn’t. MATT NAGY WANTED MITCHELL TRUBISKY. There is no way Pace, ownership, or anybody else in the front office would have hired him had his future plans not included Mitch. Plain and simple.

Now, I am not saying Mitch and Nagy are a package deal and if one goes the other goes, but Nagy needs to start crafting this offense around the strengths of Trubisky and then in the offseason reassess and figure out what to do at quarterback moving forward.

I do believe Nagy is a good coach, and think his offense can work. I think he knows how to light a spark and rally the troops when he has to, but I just don’t think he has the right guy for the job, and that’s on no one but himself accepting the job.

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