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What questions should we be asking about the Bears?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I got no words, man. I’m sitting here at my desk today, drained of any energy, will, or desire to go about my business as I usually do. Today is a hard day.

I really am done blaming people, saying the same things over and over again. We all know it, there’s not much to be said, other than I was right all along. The offense stinks, Mitch is unbearable, and Nagy’s Coach of the Year days are looking like a thing of the past. I’m tired of criticizing, it’s draining. I’m past the point of fed up. I just want answers.

This is no-doubt a loaded question so I’ll try and break it all down as best I can: What changed from year 1 to year 2?

As a fan, I want to know what went wrong. A year that was filled with Super Bowl expectations has been all but crushed. This was supposed to be the season where Mitch improved on his 2018 Pro-Bowl campaign. This was supposed to be the season Nagy took this offense to new heights. This was supposed to be the year Ryan Pace had us contending for a title.

In all of this, I just want to know who is responsible? There are just too many questions surrounding this team. The unknown is what’s most frustrating in all of this because it leaves us trying to point fingers at a long list of people unsure of who the real offender is.

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How much is Mitch?

Were we that wrong? Is Mitch Trubisky the greatest con artist of our generation? I rack my brain each and every day trying to understand how he fooled all of us into believing he was the one (or could’ve been the one). It had to be his charm and his boyish good looks, right? Or was it his leadership abilities, the fact that every guy on this team loves him. Were his looks and personality enough to doop us into believing he had what it took? Was it all enough to trade up for him and pick him before Michael and Magic? From last year to this year, what changed in him that brought out the worst in him? If he ever comes out and just says it was the pressure that got to him, that it crippled him, frightened him, and affected his ability to play football then we can all move on and wipe our hands clean. The question I keep wanting to ask in all this is … did he ever have it?

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

How much is Nagy?

In all this, I keep coming back to the same conclusion that Matt Nagy had to have known at some point this offseason, training camp, preseason, that Mitch wasn’t progressing the way he should have been. It is not unreasonable of me to think that a man who had enough credentials to get a head coaching job in the NFL, was unable to realize at some point that his quarterback was incapable of taking the necessary steps forward. At the point when Nagy realized something wasn’t clicking, what happened then? Did he keep quiet? Was there ever a conversation with the front office, and if so, what was said? All these things are reasonable conclusions to be made after the events of this 2019 start to the season. If it’s about Mitch, what is it about Nagy’s system that he is unable to understand, grasp, comprehend? If it is on Nagy, what about his system makes it easy to defend against?

How much is Pace and the front office?

All my questions here pertain to where all this mess started: The 2017 NFL Draft. I have to know what Pace and all his people were thinking with Mitch? What about him made them certain they were going to pick him at number 3, and what was the cherry on top that made them 110% positive they had to TRADE UP for him?

To me, that’s the biggest question of all. You can dig deeper into some of Pace’s other questionable draft picks, but you won’t find one bigger than when Commissioner Goodell announced that the Bears had traded up to draft a quarterback out of North Carolina.

A little closure would be helpful on this Monday, but I’m certain we won’t get any. It’s time we start asking the right questions, forget the past, and focus on the future.

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