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Lewerke's tweet gets backlash from Barstool's Pres, Big Cat

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I was sent a video today by a friend of mine who texted me, "This is hilarious."

Now, I watched this video, and I laughed, and then, I laughed s'more. As MANY of you know I am not a fan of the Michigan State Football team despite my collegiate ties with the University.

I was a senior in high school when they made the playoff, a major reason why I chose to go to MSU. I thought to myself back then, "Hey, young David, this would be awesome if you made the playoff while you were there! Maybe even settle for a trip to the Big Ten Championship!" Well...that never happened. Actually it never came close to happening.

Maybe covering the team for 4 years ruined my fandom for Spartan football, but by the time I left, there wasn't much to root for anyway.

Many of you know I've been highly critical of the program the last few years, and as I'll continue to tell myself, I was the one that got the ball rolling on Dantonio's retirement when I said the best move for him and the University was to part ways.

Having a ~unique~ perspective on the situation, Pres, Big Cat, and KFC aaabbbsssooollluuuttteeelllyyy nailed it.

Here's the tweet from Lewerke after going undrafted and unsigned directly following the draft.

Eventually, he did get picked up by the Patriots, hence Dave saying "He's a Patriot so I'll root for him" and then finished the sentence joking, "But you're definitely not a good quarterback."

Best quote from the whole video is Big Cat with the, "When you watch Michigan State’s offense the last two years, you would prefer to be blind!" Ouch.

I believe there is a fine line when it comes to criticism of an athlete or coach. There's a big difference between judging an athlete for their on-field performance and personal attacks. I will never cross that line. I will not criticize an athlete based on character, though occasionally it is warranted, I will judge on my overall opinion of a player as simply that, a player.

Lewerke stinks. He's just not that talented. His arm strength is questionable, he makes the wrong reads, and he's injury-prone. I'm not gonna fault the guy for having confidence in himself, but man, this one's a tough look. I won't post the whole thread in here but if you're curious about what Twitter thought, it's not far off.

Then again, here I am sitting in my backyard on a 70º day writing a blog and he's signing a contract with the New England Patriots. I'll let you decide who knows more about football: Bill Belichek or David Greenberg. One has 6 Super Bowls rings, and the other has a 4th place finish in Intramural Flag Football.

So that settles it.

I wish nothing but the best to Lewerke and all the other MSU players trying to make a roster spot, but I stand by my opinion.


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