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You're Welcome, Chicago. I fixed the Bears.

Well Bears fans, we got what we wanted. An absolute Shalacking of the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football, a primetime game. That is what we needed to reinvigorate the hope that may have been subdued by the first two games of the season. Let me start out by saying a wholesome and hearty “YOU’RE WELCOME, CHICAGO.”

Let’s be honest here, I was very critical of Mitchell after the first two weeks. Rightfully so. But, being a lover of the Laced Up Sports brand and all the great work we do here, Mitch decided he should internalize the criticism I have been sending his way, and use it to motivate himself to play better.

I’m not here trying to take credit for the improved performance by Trubisky, I am just simply reminding you that had I not said anything, Mitchell might still be playing like crap. Again, let me stress this fact to you and I can not say it enough. It was all Mitch, but I’m not saying I had nothing to do with it, so you’re welcome.

25/31, 231 yards, 3 TD, QBR of 116.5, … 1 INT … He had to throw that one damn pick just to remind we’ve still got our guy.

Anyways, Bears hopes are back on, not a perfect game by any means of the word, but I thought the improvements that needed to be made were there. It was the Redskins, so let’s not say all is well, our problems are fixed, and start crowning ourselves Super Bowl champions, but the flashes of what this team can be were there on Monday night.

As far as play calling, I thought there was an improvement from the previous two weeks. Nagy was much better on 3rd Down, allowing Mitch to make plays and find open receivers rather than accepting defeat on anything further than 3rd and 6. Going forward, I would really like to see Tarik Cohen used more, similar to the way he was last year, in creative sets allowing him to use his athleticism to make plays.

Yes, Trubisky did play better, his stats do show that. However, he did miss some throws to wide-open receivers. He didn’t have many incompletions on the night, but the ones he did, happened to be on uncatchable passes, something he’s been struggling with all season. But, he played better and I must commend him, and myself, for doing what had to be done.

For now … we’re on to Minnesota … let’s see if the Bears can keep it up against a legitimate team and a divisional matchup.

Until next time.

Oh, and by the way, in case you weren’t aware the Bears have a pretty good defense or something.

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