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Mitchell Trubisky will start Week 12

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

After Sunday night’s loss to the Rams, the season for the Chicago Bears is officially over. It is a sad truth that we all have to swallow. I’m not even going to dive into any of the game outside of the final two minutes. As I sat on my IKEA chair (free plug), I was baffled when I saw Chase Daniel rolling out to his right and throwing downfield on the Bears’ final drive of the game.

I, along with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, the city of Chicago, and football fans of all ages were stunned to see Nagy pull Trubisky with less than 3 minutes left in the game, on the team’s final drive of the game. All of a sudden, the next camera shot I see is a replay of Nagy cuddling his little man-child on the sideline to explain the situation.

This hip-pointer-flexer-bone-muscle-bender-sore-out-of-whack injury that Mitch magically accrued in Sunday night’s contest certainly hasn't had a drastic affect on his participation in practice.

(Anyone else not surprised!?)

This whole situation couldn’t have been any worse for the Bears. They were already the laughing stock of the NFL going from first to worst faster than I can snap my fingers, but now it’s even worse than I could have ever imagined.

This wasn’t even Mitch’s worst game! It certainly wasn’t a good game by QBR standards, but it was far and away not the worst game that Trubisky had played this season. For all the questions surrounding the Bears this season, the one thing that seemed to be clear was that we were going to ride out Trubisky the rest of the season, for better, or for worse. After this charade that he pulled in LA, I’m not totally sure anybody has a clue of what’s to come for this team.

I actually got a notification asking if it was best for the Bears to start Tyler Bray… Tyler Bray!? I mean where the hell have we fallen to that Tyler Bray seems to be the likely next quarterback for the Chicago Bears. A guy who was on scout team to start the season, is now being talked about as our starting quarterback. Let that set in people.

I am just completely lost and broken. It's tough to overcome a season like this. What a shit-sandwich of a year. Time to take a bite of reality and let it settle. Not much else we can do.

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