Did race play a role in Bears not drafting Watson, Mahomes in 2017?

Ask any Bears fan where they were the night of April 27, 2017 and I'll bet you money they remember exactly where they were when Ryan Pace made arguably the most franchise-altering pick in the organization's long history.

There are only a few moments that rival such times of meteoric proportions where individuals remember where they were at that exact time: 9/11, John F. Kennedy's assassination, Kobe Bryant's death, and the night the Bears traded up to get Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 2 overall pick.

I was on a bus to Northwestern with the MSU baseball team. We were getting ready for a 4 game series against the Wildcats. We had just stopped off at a Portillo's for dinner. My first time having it in months and I pigged out along with my former teammates. Won't ever forget it.

Looking back almost 4 years later, the Bears recently declined to pick up Trubisky's 5th-year option in what has been a rocky, tumultuous, some up but mostly down duration of his rookie contract.

As a Bears fan, it's a pick we'll never be able to live down. We're not the first organization to whiff on a top 3 pick, definitely not. However, we're among the leaders of a list who whiffed on a top 3 pick when MULTIPLE future Hall of Famers were sitting in their lap.

Teams on the list of supremely blown draft picks?

- 1984 NBA Draft, Portland Trail Blazers pick Sam Bowie No. 2 over Michael Jordan (3)

- 2003 NBA Draft, Detroit Pistons pick Darko Milicic No. 2 Overall

- Next 3 consecutive picks: Carmelo Anthony (3), Chris Bosh (4), Dwayne Wade (5)

- 2007 NBA Draft, Portland Trail Blazers pick Greg Oden No. 1 Overall over Kevin Durant (2)

- 2007 NFL Draft, Oakland Raiders pick Jamarcus Russell No. 1 Overall

- Could have had: Calvin Johnson (2), Joe Thomas (3), Adrian Peterson (7)

- 2017 NFL Draft, Chicago Bears pick Mitchell Trubisky No. 2 Overall

- Deshaun Watson (12), Patrick Mahomes (10)

Earlier this week, Deshaun Watson came out on Twitter and recanted his statement that in fact, the Chicago Bears did NOT speak with him prior to the NFL Draft, despite his initial statements on the Rich Eisen Show.