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Anthony Gordon will be an ELITE QB in the NFL

As millions have said I am nothing if not a man of the people and a truth-teller above all else.

Full disclosure I actually wrote this blog back at the end of November in the middle of the College Football season but never got around to posting it. I've touched it up since then and made it one with the times.


I’ve found my next quarterback project. This is a huge announcement for all of my followers because this is my next great mission. If you are unfamiliar with my credentials as to what qualifies me to be selecting quarterbacks to take under my wing, here you go.

David Greenberg’s Quarterback Resume

- Elite 11

- Follower on Instagram, subscriber on Youtube channel

- Gruden QB Camp

- I watched the Patrick Mahomes episode

- NFL Combine

- Avid watcher of the 40-yard dash and QB throwing skills

With a list like that, it’s crazy I haven’t been considered to come in and help revive the Bears’ offense. Regardless, I don’t want to boast about my talents, that’s not what this platform is for. Despite all this, I’ve found my next guy.

Anthony Gordon, QB, Washington State

Let’s take a look at his stats so far this season (From November)

(Season stats) (CFB ranks)

- 3,387 yards 1st

- 32 TD 1st

- 70% comp. 10th

Now let's take a look at his end of the season stats

(Season stats) (CFB ranks)

- 5,579 yards 2nd

- 48 TD 2nd

- 71.6% comp. 4th

The only player that was overall statistically better than Gordon was a guy selected #1 by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Take a look at some of his plays this season, specifically from a game he threw for 570 yards and 9 touchdowns against UCLA earlier this season.

Watching his tape makes me so fired up for him to be in the NFL. I think he has everything that a scout is looking for. I’m not going to say he’s a Patrick Mahomes comparison, but he has similar traits. He's got a strong arm, comfortable in the pocket, elusive, can throw from multiple arm angles, and his style of offense at Wazzu is translatable in the NFL.

Take a look at these physical comps:

Gordon: Mahomes:

6’3” 6’3”

210 lbs 230 lbs

~40: 4.75-4.85 4.80u 40

Clearly he’s not Patrick Mahomes, he doesn’t have the college experience that Mahomes did, but that’s not to take away from anything Gordon has been doing. He’s not going to be in contention for the Heisman, similar to Mahomes, but his numbers this year are very impressive.

If you’re wondering how Anthony Gordon didn’t beat our former Cougar Quarterback Gardner Minshew in camp last year, reports have said that it was a very close battle between the two.

There are also a lot of comparisons to be made from Gardner Minshew. A sixth-round pick of the Jaguars has been tearing it up in the NFL after being thrust into the spotlight due to a Nick Foles injury. Based on his performance, I would say Gardner Minshew is going to be quite the capable NFL quarterback.

I never thought highly of Gardner Minshew because he went to Washington State, didn't play any tough defenses, and never played in any real high-pressure games, but now I realize it's not about those things. I think the criteria for what will make a great quarterback has changed. If you got an SEC, 6'5", "pocket-passing" quarterback you were set. Now, more times than not, those guys are fading out and the new generation of Anthony Gordon's are starting to flood in.

Ride with me now or forever miss out. I’m taking Anthony Gordon under my wing and he’s going to be awesome.

Present (4/26/2020)

Gordon went undrafted and signed with the Seattle Seahawks. I originally thought the Bears had signed him and got all excited thanks to my friend sending me a text "Bears got the next Mahomes!"

Back in January when my friends and I were talking about the Draft, I said I wanted Anthony Gordon. Here's a screenshot of what he's referencing (my high school nickname was GreenG).

Unfortunately, the Bears didn't get him. The Seahawks scooped him up and knowing my knowledge of the game of football he'll go on to win 10 Super Bowls with them.

Enjoy some Twitter reactions to people jumping on MY Anthony Gordon bandwagon.

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