Anthony Gordon will be an ELITE QB in the NFL

As millions have said I am nothing if not a man of the people and a truth-teller above all else.

Full disclosure I actually wrote this blog back at the end of November in the middle of the College Football season but never got around to posting it. I've touched it up since then and made it one with the times.


I’ve found my next quarterback project. This is a huge announcement for all of my followers because this is my next great mission. If you are unfamiliar with my credentials as to what qualifies me to be selecting quarterbacks to take under my wing, here you go.

David Greenberg’s Quarterback Resume

- Elite 11

- Follower on Instagram, subscriber on Youtube channel

- Gruden QB Camp

- I watched the Patrick Mahomes episode

- NFL Combine

- Avid watcher of the 40-yard dash and QB throwing skills

With a list like that, it’s crazy I haven’t been considered to come in and help revive the Bears’ offense. Regardless, I don’t want to boast about my talents, that’s not what this platform is for. Despite all this, I’ve found my next guy.

Anthony Gordon, QB, Washington State

Let’s take a look at his stats so far this season (From November)

(Season stats) (CFB ranks)

- 3,387 yards 1st

- 32 TD 1st

- 70% comp. 10th

Now let's take a look at his end of the season stats

(Season stats) (CFB ranks)

- 5,579 yards 2nd

- 48 TD 2nd

- 71.6% comp. 4th