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#Handshakegate is NFL's pettiest beef of all time

This has got to be one of the most head-scratching conflicts in the NFL that I can remember. This feels like NBA type petty wars. If you aren’t aware, go check social media anywhere because it’s all over the place. I’m not going to discuss the details, but I will comment on what Baker Mayfield should do moving forward.

First and foremost, don’t clap back. There is no reason for it. You’ve won the battle and there’s no need for residual points. Along with that, you played horrible. Your team looked atrocious. Quite frankly, you’re lucky this whole conflict has come out because it’s taken the weight of your poor performance off your shoulders.

If I am Richard Sherman, this whole thing seems very out of place. Personally, I am a Richard Sherman fan. I respect his game and I really do like the fact that he doesn’t shy away from trash talking. To me, this doesn’t feel like trash talk, it feels like Sherman trying to get his name back in the news.

Richard Sherman loves to think of himself as the king of moral integrity in the NFL, as if he sits on a throne of superiority. This is a guy that went out of his way, after the Seahawks beat the Patriots in 2016, to track down Tom Brady and hit him with one of the famous "U mad bro?"

So Baker, sit here, take this victory and let this go. There is nothing people hate more than an under performing professional athlete who takes to social media to air his issues. Baker always says he plays at his best when people doubt him. Well, Baker, they’re starting to doubt ya. Let’s see if you can rise to the challenge and move past this ridiculous social media conflict.

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