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I'm at a loss for words with the Bears

Alright here we go. Not much to talk about after that Bears game. They got their doors blown off and there’s not much else to say. I fixed the Bears once this season and to be quite honest I’m not sure there’s much more I can do to help. I’ve said what needs to be said, but it feels like this team refuses to change their ways.

Two weeks to plan for the Saints, at home, in Chicago, healthy Mitch, no Drew Brees, and we got cremated. I’m not going to blame it all on Mitch, but he looks like a clueless, beaten puppy. He has no idea where to turn. Clearly something’s not working between him and Nagy, I have to imagine that the guys in the locker room have began to lose faith in him, and then every day the media continues to remind him of how much he sucks.

The Chicago Bears look like, feel like, and are starting to act like the punching bag around the NFL. I’ve talked about the run game, I’ve talked about the play calling, I’ve talked about Mitch’s abilities (or lack thereof), I truly don’t know where the Bears go. It would be one thing if the responsibility was solely on Mitch’s shoulders. If everything around the team was working, including play calling, and it’s clear that Mitch is the sole problem, I would feel a lot better than I do right now.

At that point, I would say we at least have a solution to the problem. We go out and look for a quarterback that can help to lead this team. There are options for us to trade or sign someone that can step in right away. There are already rumors out there floating around saying the Bears would be interested in a trade, and that there are some possible candidates that would mutually benefit both sides.

Depending on the outcome of this Sunday’s matchup with the Chargers, I will be airing my grievances with the team. There is still plenty of season left and a lot of winnable games, but there’s no question something has to change. Let’s get to the bottom of it and move on accordingly.

On to San Diego.

Or wherever the hell they are now.

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