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The Greatest Fairytale in College Football History

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Come one, come all, come listen to the greatest college football fairytale of them all.

We begin our journey in Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, allow me to introduce.

It all starts with a chip, no, not a ruffle, but more so a struggle. No team is complete without the presence of a teacher, many believe this man may even be a preacher. His raspy voice may be hard to understand, but no question excellence is all he commands. You may already know, so everyone say, hello, “Coach O.”

From the start, Coach O had his eye on one player, a former scarlet and grayer. His name is Joe Burrow, a quarterback from Athens, Ohio. After losing the starting job at Ohio State, all Burrow could do is sit back and wait.

After entering his name in the transfer portal, Burrow’s recruiting process was quite abnormal. He looked at Nebraska, but Scott Frost told him to get lost. So, in comes Coach O who tells Joe, “forget those liars, Geaux Tigers.”

Joe chose LSU with the hopes of bringing them back, but in year one, that quickly came under attack. After a tough first season for Burrow, he said, “enough is enough” and stepped up as the hero.

“Everything’s bigger in Texas,” they say? Well, in Week 2 it was LSU who showed them the way. Shortly after came Florida and Auburn, but who are we kidding, they were no problem. Sitting undefeated at 8-0, the Tigers faced their toughest test taking on Alabama and Co.

Many thought they weren’t beating Saban, but Clyde Edwards-Helaire had awaken. Leading the way with four touchdowns, they defeated the Tide and their long-lasting crown.

At this point, the world knew LSU was for real, because this fairytale just seemed way too surreal. Burrow was making headlines with his play, so Joe’s dad made a bet on his son to win the Heisman one day.

LSU finished the season number one in the league, stomping Georgia and showing no signs of fatigue. After taking down the Bulldogs and winning the SEC, the Tigers had the best resume` in college football, it’s tough to disagree.

Fast forward to January in New York City, where we now send it to the Heisman committee. The largest margin of victory by any award winner, Burrow’s mindset was still on something much bigger.

They went to Atlanta for a matchup with Oklahoma, and quickly knocked the Sooners right into a coma. They put the nation on alert after defeating Jalen Hurts, but there was still one game left for dessert. LSU’s National Championship dream was right in front of them, all they had to do was knock off the Tigers of Clem.

What better way to end a story like so, except to be playing at home in the Superdome. They knew this game was of the highest importance, as they would be taking the field opposite Trevor Lawrence.

The game began in Clemson’s favor, but Joe showed why he is the savior. A storm of purple and gold confetti fell from the rafters, as LSU, the last man standing thereafter. A childhood dream fulfilled to the greatest degree, it was time to celebrate with some crawfish jubilee.

That my friends is the story of Coach O and Joe Burrow. What comes next for the elite Quarterback? Well, surely he will go pro.


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