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Letter to my Ex: Let's get back together


It’s almost been a week since the Bears last game and after a win over Jeff Driskel and the Lions, I find myself pinching my skin to snap back to reality.

Sure, Mitchell, you had a good game, 16/23 173 Yards and 3 TDs, and now I’m here thinking we’re we might be back. I mean, come on Mitch, it would make it a whole hell of a lot easier on me if you just sucked the rest of the season. It would make saying goodbye to you that much easier.

I’ll be honest, I was done with you, Mitchell. You and I had broken up. It wasn’t on the best terms, but I did what’s good for me. There I was, starting to move on, talking to better quarterbacks, and BAM, I see this game.

I’d like to say it’s your personality that forced us to go our separate ways, but it wasn’t. You were always nice to me and my friends, treated us with respect, and tried to pick us up when things were bad. You and I had a good run, but I thought it just wasn’t meant to be. I had to do what was best and leave you in your greatest time of need, and for that, I apologize.

Despite our downfalls, I find myself sending you that flirtatious, “U up? Wanted to talk” text. I see you trying to play those back and forth mind games with me, toying with my emotions, making me miss you. 16/23 for 173 and 3 TDs is all I ever asked of you. Why couldn’t you do that when we were together?

I never needed you to be the most amazing quarterback I’ve ever been with, all I asked for was good enough. Looking back, I could have chosen any of the other ones available that night, and believe me there were better options, but I chose you. I settled for your boyish good looks and a charming personality and I completely neglected to look at you from a talent perspective.

But after your performance this weekend, I'm starting to have second thoughts of ever ending it between the two of us. Feelings I once had are bubbling back towards the surface. I’m not saying I love you, no, gosh no, but I’m saying maybe we should give it another shot. Let’s do things the right way this time. No more sneaking around, trying to hide our feelings for each other, let’s act like mature adults.

I know you have a big game and a lot to think about going into this weekend, but if things keep getting better I might just have to get back together with you.



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