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ICYMI: The KBO is Electric

With live sports ripped from right under our feet during this pandemic; the KBO gives degenerate sports fanatics and gamblers alike a place to feel the rush of sport once again. Early morning, Tuesday, May 5th, the South Korean baseball league known as the KBO re-opened and began their season on ESPN featuring the NC Dinos taking on the Samsung Lions. Under normal circumstances there is just no way we are sitting here talking about the start of the KBO season with the NBA and NHL playoffs underway, the MLB season in full swing, and 2020 Olympics on the horizon. Unfortunately, we live in a time in which nothing feels normal; so when ESPN tells us they are going to air live sports for the first time in months….you better believe I’m tuned in.

The KBO is composed of 10 teams that play a 144-game season. If you have not checked out the team names in the KBO, I heavily suggest you do so. For me my favorite team has to be the NC Dinos simply because of fan-favorite mascot, Swole Daddy.

(Pictured here: Swole Daddy)

Look at this jacked giant dinosaur! Opposing teams can’t feel too confident coming into Changwon NC Park (Home to the NC Dinos) and seeing this specimen hyping up the crowd. Clearly Swole Daddy has played a huge role in psyching out the competition as the NC Dinos currently sit atop the standings at 12-2.

On top of having great team names and mascots, the KBO is known for its electric home run bat flips. As you can see below, when a player rips a deep fly ball over the fence, the bat gets tossed like a toothpick; something that is heavily frowned upon and unseen in Major League Baseball.

The KBO is a not so bad substitute for the professional sports we have become accustomed to here in the United States. To make things more interesting, sportsbooks like Fan Duel and Draft Kings have made gambling on the KBO a top priority on their respective sites. There is truly no substitute for gambling on live sports (believe me I tried gambling on Madden/NBA 2K simulations). Live sports allow us to connect with players and the game as the team goes through ups and downs and man did I miss DINGERS.

The KBO plays their games Tuesday through Sunday (Monday being an off day) with games starting between 1-5a.m. ET. If you haven’t stayed up all night to catch a glimpse of the KBO I heavily suggest you give it a try. For those of you that love the thrill of live sports as much as I do, I’m sure you already know how electric KBO baseball can be.

This morning's free lock is the NC Dinos -1.5 against the Hanwha Eagles.

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