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Patrick Mahomes has changed the game of football

Patrick Mahomes is taking the game of football and revolutionizing it for generations to come. The other day I was watching Colin Cowherd and he made a great comparison between Mahomes and Steph Curry. When I really thought about it, I was starting to come to the realization of how true his statement was.

Allow me to break it down this way. Growing up, the NBA player that had the biggest impact on kids in my generation was Lebron James. Everyone wanted to be the guy who could play all 5 positions, and not just play them, but be the best in the league at each and every one of them. The NFL player that I wanted to be most like was Peyton Manning. I think we all wished we were the “Pro-Style” Quarterback, 6’5”, go to an SEC school, and be the son of a Hall of Fame QB.

Think about the Quarterbacks over the years coming out of college that were a little shorter, athletic, could make plays with their feet and get outside the pocket. They were ridiculed for playing the wrong position. Think about players that were 6’9” 270 lbs before Lebron James had changed that mold, they’d be categorized as undersized Centers.

As a younger generation of sports fans is beginning to take shape, take a look and ask any kid under the age of 15 what shoes he wants to get and I would bet they’d say something from the Steph Curry shoe-line. Take a look at what jersey they’re wearing, and I’d bet you it’s a royal blue #30 Warriors jersey. Patrick Mahomes is going to have the same impact on the game of football that Steph Curry did with basketball.

Having the ability to change the game is something very few athletes ever do. Patrick Mahomes, at 24 years old, has taken not only the NFL, but the game of football as a whole, and completely flipped it on its head.

Plus he’s pretty swaggy.

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