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The Only Way to Start Saturday

The alarm goes off at 6:15am. The day is finally here. The game all Longhorns have anticipated since the Sugar Bowl victory last season is finally upon us. I leave my apartment with my brothers and head to the LBJ Lawn on the University of Texas campus.

Why would I be up at 6:15am if the game doesn’t start for another 12 hours?

There is only one reason.

It’s Gameday!

Since 1993, College Gameday has been an intricate part of college football. Although the show took to the air in 1987, the show we see today was revolutionized in 1993. Every Saturday during the Fall, it’s College Gameday we can count on to begin our mornings. At 8:00am, our television sets tune into ESPN to listen to Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Maria Taylor, Desmond Howard, and David Pollack introduce the day ahead.

All throughout the college football season, the College Gameday team heads to different venues all across the country. Having Gameday on your college campus is a privilege. It does not happen very often.

As a student at the University of Texas, this was the first Gameday to be held in Austin since 2009, so there was no way I was missing a chance to be in the pit of College Gameday.

When they say College Gameday is one of the greatest experiences in college football, it’s no understatement. The atmosphere is like no other. The hundreds of signs held up each week, the Washington State flag with over 220 straight Gameday appearances, and thousands of screaming fans make this day unlike anything I have ever seen before.

For 3 hours, you cheer, you boo, and you wait for Lee Corso to put on the head of your respective team. At the end of it all, you leave Gameday and get ready for the true test of the day, the Game.

Without College Gameday, college football would not be where it is today. It is thanks to Gameday that there is so much coverage of college football. When the college football season comes to an end in January, our Saturday’s are no longer the same. All we can do is wait until August when College Gameday returns to the airwaves for another year of college football.

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